The saying we sold our soul for rock & roll is personified in the musical anomaly that is PrettyBlackkk. 

Raised between the capital of the Westmoreland parish of Jamaica and the blues/gogo rich District of Columbia, the preachers son channeled the energy of his spiritual and geographical roots into studio sessions to create a sound all his own.


Hilton Clay Felton, aka Prettyblackkk emphasizes the triple K in his moniker as a controversial nod to the current social & economic state of many people of color in America and his personal ethnocentrism. The blackkk bohemian has had an affinity for music for as long as he can remember. As the grandson of celebrated jazz pianist Hilton Felton Jr. He developed a strong love for live instrumentation and various genres of music. This passion served as the catalyst for his #nogenre approach to creating music.


He began his career 2011 forming a rock band with his older brother Milk. The sound the brothers derived was a laneless ride creating a musical style that passed through every genre like a road trip. The group would not be confined to one lane. There were too many amazing sounds, beats and samples to incorporate. From that original endeavor Pretty Blackkk branched off onto his solo endeavors, but the young rockstar also makes sure he pays homage to the greats before him. Remembering this has taken him far on his path and aided in his ability to move among mainstream professional musicians like Jazze Pha, Wes Felton and Raheem Devaughn to name a few.



2018-2019 STREAMS 32K


Jazze Pha, David Knoks, Brian Sid, Uberjet, Billboard Hitmakers


Raheem Devaughn,  Josh Todd (Buckcherry)

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Greenhaus Fest (RFK stadium)

w/ Gucci Mane, Bone Thugs, The Diplomats

Colonial Beach Bikefest (First african american artist to ever perform at Bikefest)

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